Photo Montage -Eden’s Free Birth (graphic)

I share this pictorial version of my birth story because it is rare to see true physiological birth represented. And frankly I think the photos are amazing and educational.
The following content is graphic, real, raw, and untouched. It contains nudity, blood, and other birth and body related juices.
*Please respect the privacy and intimacy of my photos. They remain the property of myself and Incandescent Photography. By proceeding you agree not to share or use my photos publicly without first obtaining my permission.*


This is Eden – a free birth story

And then, finally, with one last mighty roar, I surged my child into my partners waiting hands. That amazing post-birth relief and ecstacy rushed and raged through me as my body rested and I buried my triumphant head into my blankets; laughing in blissful exhaustion. It lasted seconds but I was in infinity.